If the South wasn’t kind of racist, the Voting Rights Act wouldn’t bother them in the first place.

Majority conservatives on the Supreme Court criticized one of the pillars of 1960s civil-rights legislation, suggesting the Voting Rights Act had outlived its relevance and was imposing undue burdens on states whose practices are subject to extra federal supervision.”

Completely ignore all that stuff about voter ID laws that would push emphasis away from the (majority-black) urban areas into the (majority-white) countryside, even though the latter is  more sparsely populated.  But really this doesn’t need any more argument than what I wrote in the title.

Why do you guys care so much if you’re not trying to do some seedy shit?  The best argument against the act– the most negative part of the whole thing– is that it’s “demeaning” to southern states.  So, at worst, the Act is embarrassing, and at best it keeps ya’ll from acting on your instinctively racist haunches.  The South stopped being openly de jure racist in, like, 1980.  I’m sure it’s changing very rapidly.  But, I mean…


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